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What Is An Exhaust Fan Hood?

An exhaust fan hood is a type of ventilation system that helps remove impurities from the air. These are required for most commercial kitchen and factory operations, as they work to to remove grease, oil, steam or toxic fumes from areas where people are located. Commercial and industrial areas need to remove these dangerous gases, cooking residues, and heat from certain locations to keep people healthy and comfortable. Most hoods fit carefully over the areas giving off the harmful substance, and many feature a canopy shape that extends from a wall. This design is especially popular in commercial kitchens.

Where Is An Exhaust Fan Hood Used Most Often?

There are various types of exhaust fan hoods, and they may be used in a wide range of settings. One of the most common is in commercial kitchens. They fit over the stove or range, and pull air from around the cooking surface to remove grease and other substances from the air as one cooks. This keeps cooking residue from making its way into the rest of the establishment, thereby keeping the entire building much cleaner and more comfortable. Most commercial kitchens require a relatively large and powerful exhaust fan hood, due to the fact that it needs to remove a large amount of air constantly over a long period of time when the kitchen is in operation.

Industrial settings also implement exhaust fan hoods in many cases. This is primarily true for factories where off gassing and other harmful processes are common. As in kitchens, the hoods are often used directly over the source of the fumes. This allows them to be taken care of more quickly, before they can do any harm to workers inside the factory.

How Does An Exhaust Fan Hood Work?

An exhaust fan hood works by suctioning air into the hood portion through a fan located inside. There is usually a filter put in place to remove bacteria, grease, and other substances. This filter should be replaced frequently, especially if the exhaust fan is used heavily. Once the air passes through the filter, it travels through a long pipe leading outside.

In commercial kitchen settings the exhaust hood system is more simple than in industrial settings, since most of the gases being removed are not toxic enough to cause a problem in the environment. They mostly include kitchen grease and food particles. Industrial settings need greater filtration, and oftentimes several filters are used to prevent smoke, fumes, and toxic gases from entering the air. Sophisticated filtering systems are used to ensure that the gasses being passed through any industrial exhaust fan hood meet environmental safety regulations.

What To Consider When Purchasing An Exhaust Fan Hood:

The primary thing to consider when choosing an exhaust fan hood is what it will be used for, and where it will be used. It is important to choose one that suitable for the environment. It is also important to choose a filter that is designed to handle whatever fumes or vapors being given off without corrosion.